Butterfly valve

Butterfly valve is also called flap valve,it's ...

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Ball Valve

Ball Valve standard BG/T21465-2008 ...

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Gate Valve

Gate valve is a headstock piece gate the ...

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Check Valve

Check valve refer to the medium itself the auto ...

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Globe Valve

Globe valve is a valve whose closure (disc)...

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Angle Valve

Angle valves are mainly used in heating pipes...

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MpCompany main products are gate valve, globe valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, check valve, regulating valve, power station valve, american standard valve, and more than 80 varieties, more than 300 series, thousands of specifications. Product by GB, JB, HG, API, ANSI, DIN, JIS, BS. We attach importance to the customer request of each, and customized according to customer demand, makes every effort to provide customers with the best solution, but also can optimize product performance, customer satisfaction and their close relations of cooperation. We insist on doing this and has been a success, this is our development power.

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